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  • Workout of the Day – W.O.D.

    July 6, 2015

    Strength: Back squat Cycle 4 week 1 (+30lbs)
    60%x5 65%x5 75%x5+ 75%x5+

    Don't forget your sheets- you may need a new one If you achieved a new 1 rep max during the "CF Total". Use the new number on the calculation sheet to ensure you are using the correct percentages. If you did not get a new max, use the old max. We are in cycle 4 so put your numbers in with +30lbs on squat and deadlift, +15lbs on strict and bench presses.

    For time:
    40 burpees
    40 toes to bar
    40 box jump overs
    40 good mornings (empty bar)
    40 box jump overs
    40 toes to bar
    40 burpees

    Comp Xtra: 4 Rounds of:
    row 500m
    1 clean & jerk @ 90% 1rm
    Rounds will be 2 minutes with 2 min rest between rounds
    then 2 min amrap clean & Jerk @90%

    Previous WODS and Results

    Here is a link to your personal strength training spreadsheet. Fill in your maxes and print it out!

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